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Family Friendly Wine Tour

Traveling as a family

Traveling as a family with kids is a great occasion to:

Retrieve the time dedicated to work

Re-connect with your kids without interruptions

Do special things with your partner

Experience new adventures as a family

Build invaluable and lasting memories

De-stress and recharge your batteries

But you have to plan it right...

What you should do

Short day trips

Keep museum visits short and sweet

Prioritize having fun all together

Short day trips

Find interesting sites around your villa

Keep car trips under 35 miles

Entertain children en-route

No TV sets or consoles in car

Use surroundings to play

Narrate stories about castles and knights

Stop along the way to visit hamlets/ruins

Be prepared to take a detour

family friendly wine tour

Short Museum Visits

Kids hate conventional museums

Avoid busy museums and their long lines

Stir towards small exhibits or churches

Stay no longer than 20 minutes in a place

Tell your kids the story behind paintings and statues

family friendly wine tour

Share the Fun

Choose a villa in Tuscany with swimming pool

Kids love animals: suggest a visit to a farm

Suggest activities kids can interact with

Theme parks are a great resource for adults and kids

family friendly wine tour

Family Friendly Tour

Traveling with your kids you need to find a balance between the educational aspects and the pure fun activities. Chianti Wine Tour is what you need. In a safe and quiet farm, side activities like visiting chianina cows, playing with horses, discovering how bees live and where honey comes from, learning how fruit is produced, walking along wineyards and olive groves, picking flowers, tasting grapes etc. offer you the opportunity to entertain your children while introducing them to the natural world.

family friendly wine tour

Side activities:

family frienly wine tour

Ponies, horses and horse riding

family frienly wine tour

Hiking and exploring hills and ruins

family frienly wine tour

Visiting the barns of Chianina cows

family frienly wine tour

Discovering bees and honey world

family frienly wine tour

Learning about olive oil and winemaking

family frienly wine tour

Tasting fresh fruit and grapes

family frienly wine tour

Playing water games into the pool

family frienly wine tour

Visiting medieval castles and villages

family frienly wine tour

Cooking pizza and home-made pasta

Special Events

Special events deserve a special place. We invite you and your family to join our Chianti Wine Tour and come to our special place, away from the busy city, commercial hotels, televisions, and other distractions. Instead, surround yourself with nature’s symphony – birds singing, trees swaying in the breeze, and the clip clop of horses hooves. Smell the deep rich scent of earth and flowers, and let the children play in the soft grass while you sip a fine Chianti Wine ... and don’t forget the camera!

We are proud to offer customized parties for any occasion. Our experienced staff will assist you in planning everything so that you can relax and enjoy the party. Chianti Wine Tour offers plenty to both adults and their children. Make sure to craft your holiday event to satisfy everyone needs. For more information and suggestions please contact us anytime.